Sunday, January 06, 2008

003 - 004 - Bathing Beauty

Elyria turned to the slave and the woman nodded to her. Elyria lifted the glass to her lips and tipped it up draining the contents.

“My name is Silva.” The woman whispered in Elyria’s ear. Silva stroked Elyria’s hair.

“I will be your waiting woman,” she said. “Do as I tell you and it will be easier for you.” Silva braided Elyria’s hair and tied it to the top of her head. Silva left Elyria briefly with the drinking cup. When she returned the cup was once again full. Silva squatted in front of her and handed her the goblet.

“Look at me,” she said.

Elyria looked down into Silva’s eyes. Silva’s eyes were dark and heavy lidded and she looked back at Elyria with an expression of sincere desperation.

“Make things as easy as possible for all of us. Drink up again and you will be treated as a pampered pet. If you do not cooperate, the mistress will take it out on the rest of us and you saw how she treats anyone who displeases her.”

Elyria felt drowsy and her limbs felt heavy. Silva took Elyria’s feet in her hands and massaged them. When Elyria did not drink, Silva helped her lifted the cup to her mouth. Elyria thought about the young slave girl. She did not want anyone to suffer just because she would not drink the wine. She drank and Silva smiled at her.

The young slave girl return and she helped Silva stand Elyria up. Elyria had to lean on the girl. She felt very tired and dreamy. She stood docile as Silva took her dirty clothes from her body. She heard Rosalba and Rosalin giggle off to her right through a haze of rosy lights that added a beautiful glow to the low lights in the pavilion. Silva whispered in Elyria’s ear that the young slave girl was called Tonda and Tonda and Silva would help her into the waiting bath. Elyria floated between the two slave women, her toes kissing the warm soft carpets.

The stopped in front of Lady Pricilla’s chair, who put down a juicy piece of fruit she had been eating to brush her nails across Elyria’s flat belly. Goose bumps danced on Elyria’s skin and she moaned low in her throat as she slumped against her handlers. Her head rested on her left shoulder and from that angle she saw Rosalba and Rosalin rise up on their own from their cloudy perch, face each other and kiss, long and deep. Only far back in her hazy mind did Elyria wonder at the closeness of the sisters and she did not find it strange when they began to slip their gowns from their shoulders and let them cascade to the feather pillows under their feet. As she watched the sisters caress, she felt hands upon her own body, warm and soft and demanding. She dragged her eyes from the sensuous view of Rosalba and Rosalin in affectionate embrace to follow Lady Pricilla’s hands on her naked arms and waist and breasts. Elyria thought she might like to protest against this unusual treatment but she rather liked the feel of Lady Pricilla’s hands on her body.

“Get in the bath, my sweet,” said Lady Pricilla, “and we will join you.” She squeezed one of Elyria’s buttocks and gave her a little slap.

Tingles rose up Elyria’s legs and settled just below her belly button. Silva and Tonda helped her to the tub. Elyria could not climb into the bath. Her limbs were too heavy and did not respond to her. A male slave lifted her from her feet and slid her into the water. His hands were rough compared to Lady Pricilla’s and Elyria wanted that softness again. She wanted it so much that she whimpered. She almost wept when Lady Pricilla’s stepped into the water next to her. Elyria looked at Lady Pricilla like a starving man looks at a feast.

Lady Pricilla stood next to Elyria and allowed Elyria to look at her. Lady Pricilla scooped up some of the warm scented water and dribbled it upon her legs. Elyria licked her lips and her fingers itched. Rosalba and Rosalin stepped into the bath next to Lady Pricilla. They cupped water in their hands and smoothed it upon Lady Pricilla. She held out her hands to Elyria to lift her up to her. Elyria stood and fell into Lady Pricilla’s arms. Her wet naked body slipped and slid against Lady Pricilla. Lady Pricilla slipped her hands into Elyria’s hair, pulled her head towards her and placed her lips upon Elyria’s mouth, parting Elyria’s lips with the tip of her tongue. Her mouth became more demanding and she nipped at Elyria’s lower lip, sucking on it. Elyria’s skin was chilling from standing wet but parts of her were being warmed by small hands stroking her back and moving down her thighs while her mouth was on fire and hungry, moving on its power, following the lessons being given to her by Lady Pricilla. Her legs were weak and vibrated with a need she had never felt before. The feelings and urges in her body were so strong that she attempted to pull away from Lady Pricilla, but Rosalba and Rosalin kept stroking her and Silva placed another goblet in her hands. She drank in an attempt to quench her thirst but the wine only seemed to increase the heat between her legs.

Lady Pricilla and Rosalba and Rosalin lowered Elyria into the warm scented water, laying her over some sort of couch that she had not known was part of the bathing tub. A pillow was placed under her head. Every part of her skin was alive with sensation and the only thing that stopped it from being painful was the hands and their caresses. She wanted relief from the continuous ache so she closed her eyes and gave her body over to them.

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Tom & Icy said...

I don't mean to be a pest with the comments, but I think we should say what we think about your post, not just say something sweet or nice to get you to come to our blog. Like if I say something is good, then explain why it is good. And if we don't like something, we should be free to say that without them screaming we are a troll. A while back I got an email from someone wanting me to go to their dog blog, so I did. The woman claimed she had a PhD in writing and was the head of the department in a college for creative writing. But her writing was very distracting with all kinds of rhetorical techniques that kept distracting me from the story line just like special effects in a movie can be so obvious that you can't concentrate on what is going on with the characters. Then later, I read your story and really enjoyed it because of the flow of thought about the story and not how it was written with fancy words and techniques. When I compared her and you in my mind, I thought, what if you did stuff like she did in your story like saying Elyria woke up in her nest instead of bed or the way you described it. I would wonder if she was going to cackle and lay an egg or fly away or something. One wouldn't have been too bad, but she kept doing that over and over as if she wrote it then shot it with a shotgun full of metaphors. That is good in literary writing with an experienced writer who can use techniques without distracting from the story line. Like if your character slept out in the woods and made a bed of leaves and grass, then she could wake up in her nest and it would help us understand rather than distract us. But as I say, the reason I like your story is that it flows smoothly and if you use techniques, they are not overtly noticeable or distracting. Don't take what I say very seriously. I'm no scholar nor a writer. All I am saying is I like it when you allow us to use our imaginations as we read, just like in the scavenger hunt, don't lock us in to what you want, but guide us in a direction where we can try to be creative. Each person has their own way of coming around to realizing where you are guiding us. Thanks for sharing the story with us.